The Absolute Most Important Item Everyone Should Have In Their Bathroom For Guests

Whether they’re just popping in for a couple of nights or an extended period, there’s one crucial item a lot of hosts don’t consider when accommodating guests.

Oh, we will spend time cleaning, making sure there’s a new roll of toilet paper, and soap on the sink, but what we don’t consider is that…

Everyone poops and some are toilet clogging loads!

I don’t know what it is about traveling and doing big business, but I tend to get constipated. Aside from my mother and mother in law’s homes, I dread doing big business outside of my own home… especially when I look around and can’t find a plunger.

Some people have tiny poops when they’re constipated whereas others have large logs.

Even before grabbing the toilet toilet paper, if I drop a large load, I worry about whether it’ll go down or not.

Poop anxiety

I don’t believe in higher beings, but I typically do a small prayer to myself, “Please, please go down, I don’t have a tool to break you up!” Then I close my eyes and do a courtesy flush. Of course, my prayer is even more fervent if I’ve been told the toilet pressure sucks ahead of time, those words give me instant poop anxiety.

One of two things will happen, either I will feel relieved or mortified. Heaven forbid if my whopper of a shit doesn’t go down because then I will do another quick prayer hoping the toilet doesn’t overflow!

Blame-shifting is acceptable

I’ve never experienced an overflow at someone’s home, but I have had clog issues. Of course, when that’s the case I will seek out my host and whisper, “Do you have a plunger? Donnie (my hubby) clogged the toilet.”

Yes, I will lie to save face. I feel zero guilt when I blame my husband. The reason? I don’t know, it just seems more common and acceptable for a man to clog a toilet over a woman!

Final thoughts and ideas to help your guests feel more comfortable when going number two

Help relieve your guests anxiety by keeping a plunger in your bathroom to save them the shame of having to ask. Even if you don’t normally keep one in full view, at least keep it somewhere in the bathroom so your guest can easily locate it.

And, if you’ve never clogged a toilet and don’t have a plunger, buy one to put in there.

Matches, toilet paper, and a toilet brush are other items you can leave in your bathroom for guests. No one feels comfortable leaving smeared feces in the toilet bowl. Keeping extra toilet rolls in an easy to find location is a must because who wants to be without toilet paper after big business? Not me, that’s for sure. Matches will wipe odor out in a heartbeat versus any kind of spray.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! It’s been a busy few months and it sure felt nice to write a blog post today.

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