One Stroke Painting Challenge for Beginners Issued by Menopausal Musings

one stroke painting challenge

Grab Your Brushes for Our One Stroke Painting Challenge

Menopausal Musings wants you to join the One Stroke Painting Challenge for Beginners! After we’ve decided on the best painting, the “winner” will be announced and featured in our blog, as well as on social media.

Yes, bragging rights! Sorry, but we haven’t been around long enough for prize or monetary giveaways just yet. We’ll get there one day though!

Yesterday, we blogged about coronavirus boredom and ways to combat it. We encouraged people to “get artsy” and give painting a try. It only seems natural to practice what we preach, though I don’t know whether or not Lara will be down for the one stroke painting challenge… we’re exempt, don’t worry.

We figured a great way to get the artsy in all of us rolling was to issue a challenge. So, game on!

Rules for the One Stroke Painting Challenge for Beginners

  • Since “beginner” can be subjective, we ask only that you’re not a professional or mid-level artist. Also, some people can paint, but not everyone knows the one stroke painting technique.
  • You must have a social media account to share your entry with Menopausal Musings. Tag us or share your photos of your painting on Twitter, Face Book, or Instagram.
  • Due to some people having more followers than others on social media, we’re not going by likes, Menopausal Musings will decide the winner.
  • All One Stroke Painting Challenge for Beginners participants agree to allow Menopausal Musings to share their paintings on our site, blog, and social media platforms. Even if you don’t win, you tried and at least deserve to have your efforts shown!
  • You can use oil, acrylics, or water colors.
  • Practice one stroke painting and then create a masterpiece of your own. It’s perfectly acceptable to submit a painting you did using a tutorial. However, you must credit the artist along with your submission.
  • Entries are due by August 31, 2020 and winner will be announced on September 4, 2020.
  • Have fun!

One Stroke Painting Flowers

Practice makes perfect, or at least close, for the One Stroke Painting Challenge for Beginners! You can search for your own one stroke painting tutorial anywhere online, or use the one we’ve provided for one stroke flower painting by YouTube artist Renjitha Anoop.

Renjitha shows how to paint roses, orchids, and all kinds of other petals using the one stroke painting technique.

One Stroke Leaf Painting

Shital’s One Stroke Art Work YouTube Channel offers a variety of one stroke painting tutorials, like the one featured above for one stroke leaf painting. Once you’ve learned to paint a variety of one stroke leaves, you can practice putting them together with flowers you created using one stroke.

Let the One Stroke Painting Challenge for Beginners, Commence!

You have two weeks and five days from now to submit your painting for the One Stroke Painting Challenge for Beginners. We’re giving you plenty of time to practice as much as you need to before then!

Feel free to share your progress with Menopausal Musings along the way. We’d absolutely love to know the artist your learning from as well so we can share with others.

Have a wonderful day and please like, share, and follow our blog. The more participants, the better!

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