My First Time Trying One Stroke Flower Painting

One Stroke Flower Painting
My painting from a tutorial given by RENJITHA ANOOP on YouTube

One Stroke Flower Painting with Renjitha Anoop has Been Fun!

This isn’t going to be a long post, I just wanted to say how much fun it’s been learning the one stroke painting technique. I’m still exempt from our one stroke painting challenge, but since I’m a new blogger, I doubt we will have many entries, if it at all. It’s just a bragging right. 🙂

Renjitha has a ton of one stroke painting tutorials on her YouTube channel. This morning, I did the painting you see above. Here’s the video:

Yesterday I did another one of Renjitha’s tutorials. I’m not good at adding horizons in after the fact. I stopped trying to fix the lopsidedness because it kept getting worse. But, I’m kinda diggin’ my dime-store looking vase!

You can find the tutorial for this one stroke flower painting, below:

Practicing one stroke petals takes patience, but it’s worth trying before you try a project

One stroke painting practice I did from Renjitha Anoop tutorial

Using some black gesso on the same two painting boards over and over again was my chosen method for practicing one stroke painting flower petals.

There’s a lot of one stroke painting guides on YouTube, even if you already know how to paint, you may find one stroke painting a good challenge!

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