Warning Identity Theft Victims are Being Used for Online Scams

Identity Theft Victims
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Fraud Victims are Contacting Identity Theft Victims

Like many of you, I already knew information obtained from identity theft victims was used to obtain credit cards, loans, etc. However, I wasn’t aware, until I searched a name on FaceBook, given to me by a forex trade online scammer, that these scums are using identity theft victims’ information to commit online scams. You can read about how I was scammed, here.

As if identity theft victims don’t already suffer enough, their names are being used to commit fraud for online scams. In turn, they’re receiving angry calls and emails from other fraud victims. Rightfully upset that they were victims of an online scam, they’re also contacting the police and demanding arrests.

Thankfully, I didn’t jump the gun and accuse the identity theft victim I messaged. I first scrolled his very active and established FaceBook page and saw a post he made in March 2020 that his identity was stolen.

Identity Theft Victim Locations are Being Used on Fraud Trading Platforms

The fraud trading platform I interacted with was tradefxlive.com. However, unbeknownst to me, when my account was set up there, it was also set up at tradecapitals.io. Both sites use Brunswick, NJ as their location, which is in close vicinity of the identity theft victim I contacted.

Identity Theft Victim Names are Being Used by Online Scammers to Identify Themselves on WhatsApp

Of course, these shady online scammers aren’t going to use their real names to establish a WhatsApp account. They also will not put a name in their portfolio. However, they will state “a” name in the texts.

Out of the three forex trade scammers I dealt with from tradefxlive and tradecapitals.io, one didn’t use their name at all, the second used a first name, and the last gave the full name of the identity theft victim they were impersonating.

Fraud Victims aren’t Aware that They May Be Reporting a Victim of Identity Theft

When an online scammer gives a full name, you can bet it’s either fake or the name of an identity theft victim. Unfortunately, if an identity theft victim’s name was used by an identity thief, it’s highly possible their name will be given to the authorities.

Imagine that… not only were they a victim of identity theft, identity theft victims are now at risk of becoming subject to investigation by police and other law enforcement agencies. Their life was stolen, possibly their money, and now they’re being wrongfully accused of committing a crime.

Report Identity Theft Immediately to Help Protect Yourself from Online Scammers Who Impersonate You to Commit Fraud

I’m not sure if the identity theft victim I encountered reported right away, but it’s the first thing identity theft victims should do…

  • Contact Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion and request a fraud alert. It’s free and you only need to do it with one bureau and it will automatically be put on the others.
  • Immediately notify each agency that you were a victim of identity theft or you fear you may become an identity theft victim. (that’s what I did after I was scammed since the scammers have some of my personal info)
  • Issue credit freezes with all three credit bureaus.
  • Change passwords to all of your accounts and do not use the same password twice. If you want super strong passwords and don’t want to worry about remembering passwords, use a master password manager like lastpass.
  • Implement stronger security measures like pass codes, verification, etc., on all your accounts from cellphone carriers to utility bills, and from banks to your online shopping services.
  • Report identity theft to your local authorities.
  • Report identity theft to the FTC and they will help you create your report and personal recovery plan.

I cannot stress this strongly enough… Identity theft victims must be proactive as soon as possible. When it comes to reporting to the police and FTC, should any angry fraud victims call the authorities if they’re victimized by an online scammer using your name, you’ll be better protected.

If you’re a fraud victim, like me, and the scammers have some of your personal identification, you need to be proactive, too. If you even think the online scammers will use your personal information to steal your identity, you can put credit freezes and fraud alerts at all the bureaus. Follow the advice for updating your passwords, reporting to authorities, and activating stronger security measures for all of your online accounts.

If you’ve been one of many identity theft victims or fraud victims, feel free to share your story in the comments or contact me.

Know you’re not alone when it comes to being a fraud victim or victim of identity theft. Sometimes it helps to share your experience with others who can relate. I’m hear if you need me.

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