Delicious Almost Chicken Caprese with Smashed Potatoes, Wine, and Dessert

chicken caprese and smashed potatoes
Almost Chicken Caprese with Smashed Potatoes

What Do You Mean by Almost Chicken Caprese?

At the heart of every person trying to improve their culinary skills, lies a person who misses an ingredient. Honestly, the above photo alone probably caused Italian food lovers around the world to facepalm. They know what’s missing from the Chicken Caprese. Please forgive my honest mistake!

What did I miss? Caprese consists of tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil. However, it’s perfectly acceptable to swap out the cheese. I’m sure you know the absentee ingredient now unless you’re colorblind. The basil.

All right, time to move along to my other fabulous flubs!

The Sun Dried Tomato Fiasco

This may come as no surprise to my family, they know how I am in the kitchen. I’m a bit of a klutz. My mother, sister, and husband can’t bear to watch me trying to cut anything with a kitchen knife. Even the dogs leave the kitchen when I handle knives… or hear glassware clanking.

In the directions for Chicken Caprese and Smashed Potatoes given by Lindsay at Pinch of Yum, she wrote, “I cut two chicken breasts in half, lengthwise, to get four pieces.” After I finished slaughtering my two boneless breasts, three pieces stared up at me. They looked like enlarged chicken tenders, not full boneless, skinless breasts. Poor things.

Chicken is chicken though, right? At least that’s what I told myself. I proceeded to brown down the chicken. Let me stop here and mention my chicken wasn’t all around brown like Lindsays. You know, probably because I cut the chicken the wrong way. Instead of flat, mine looked lumpy and disfigured.

Trying to place sun dried tomatoes on misshapen, sloped chicken breasts tenders proved a bit difficult. After a few failed attempts and burnt finger tips, I oddly managed to finagle the tomatoes on the poor chicken tenders. Yay!

Melted Havarti Cheese Makes for a Tasty Baking Sheet

You’re supposed to add the cheese to chicken in the pan, then transfer it to a baking sheet. Remember, I just accomplished managing to keep the tomatoes in place. In hindsight, I should’ve put the chicken on the baking sheet first before adding the tomatoes.

I very carefully and skillfully moved the chicken to the baking sheet. The tomatoes stayed on. Woohoo! Next, I topped each piece with cheese and it stayed on, momentarily. Of course the cheese slid off and took the sun dried tomatoes with it.

Once I rearranged everything, I very cautiously placed the baking sheet in the oven. A few minutes later, the aroma of the almost Chicken Caprese and Smashed Potatoes started making my mouth water.

While waiting for the potatoes and chicken to cook, I readied my plate, utensils, and wine glass. Beep, foods done! I opened the oven door, and took out the perfectly cooked and crispy potatoes. At least I got those right! Then I removed the chicken… “Oh, damn it. The cheese slid off and now it’s all over the baking sheet!”

Thankfully, most of the cheese didn’t burn. I just scooped it on the chicken and tomatoes.

What I Got Right

The smashed potatoes turned out fabulous, so it wasn’t all a disaster.

I paired my almost Chicken Caprese and Smashed Potatoes with a lovely glass of Unoaked Chardonnay. Not the cheap stuff either. Instead of a $6 bottle, I bought Kendall-Jackson Avant Unoaked Chardonnay for $14. How’s that for fancy?

After my yummy meal, I enjoyed a cup of coffee with Emmy’s Organic Coconut Cookies. Mercy, all three flavors (vanilla bean, dark chocolate, and peanut butter), totally rocked!

It Turned Out Well in the End

Despite my mishaps, the almost Chicken Caprese and Smashed Potatoes turned out to be quite tasty and delicious! I forgot balsamic vinegar at the store, but I had a little left in the cupboard. I let it simmer and then drizzled it on top of everything.

The best part of trying to make Chicken Caprese for the first time… It helped me get one step closer towards feeling better over the fact that my husband and I haven’t seen each other for over six months.

I’ll definitely try to make this again… the right way. Tomorrow, I will add the fresh basil that’s waiting for me in the fridge to the leftovers, then it truly will be Chicken Caprese.

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