About Sandy

Hm, what shall I write about or learn today?

Freelance writer, copywriter, web content writer, novice website designer/builder, wife of 28 years, mother of two, and grandmother.

Founder of Menopausal Musings, Freelance Writer, and Novice Website Designer

Life really is too short. You think about your passions, in my case, writing and web design, and how to go about making them a reality; the next thing you know, you’re 50 years old and haven’t done a damn thing.

I spent most of my time in the past 15 years writing for others more than myself. I had a blast writing 400 articles with over 6.4 million views on TrendHunter, wrote a few Helium articles, and a few freelance jobs on Upwork (great reviews), but I didn’t stick with any for a significant amount of time. I did have a home school blog and weight loss blog over the years, but I let them go and deleted them… I’m kicking myself, believe me.

Currently I am a…

Freelance Copywriter

Web Designer

Freelance Web Content Writer


Past Experiences

Freelance Copywriter/Web Content
I occasionally write for Footbridge Media. They’re a website design/SEO company with a heavy focus on making websites for service based businesses. The amount of pages I write per website range from 25-35, with an average of 500 words each, along with specified SEO keywords and phrases, meta descriptions, SEO titles and subtitles, etc.

Freelance Writer
(Off and on from 2008-2011)
I wrote for TrendHunter Magazine. The 400 articles I wrote focused mostly on current trends surrounding fashion, celebrities, design, environment. The nature of the articles ranged from pretty neat to bizarre. In total, my articles at TrendHunter have received over 6.4 million views.

Yeoman in the United States Navy

In the civilian world, a secretary. While stationed at Readiness Training Facility in Dam Neck, Virginia Beach, a yeoman. Along with writing and other secretarial type duties, I was the leading seaman responsible for designating cleaning assignments to my peers and students. I received a Navy Achievement Medal, Desert Storm Service Medal, and was honorably discharged in 1994.